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Contact sales: 1-888-DISK-IMAGE

1-888-DISK-IMAGE (1-888-347-5462)

Sales North America


Sales Europe


Sales Japan

+7 (495) 789-6717

Sales Russia

Contact sales: 1-888-DISK-IMAGE

1-888-DISK-IMAGE (1-888-347-5462)

Sales North America


Sales Europe


Sales Japan

+7 (495) 789-6717

Sales Russia


  • Acknowledged technology experts since 1994
  • Reliable software for home users, IT professionals
    and businesses of all sizes
  • Mature solutions trusted by OEM manufacturers, service providers, and IT organizations all around the world

10 reasons to join Paragon Affiliate Program:

  1. It’s free.
  2. No obligations on your part.
  3. Featured downloads and promotional materials.
  4. Unconditional commission from 8% to 50%.
  5. 50% commission rate with first sale already.
  6. Exclusive discounts for your customers.
  7. Special bonuses.
  8. Monthly payments.
  9. Easy management and consolidated statistics.
  10. Online consulting and support.

Frequently Asked Questions



Does it cost anything?

No. There are absolutely no costs for you. On the contrary, you will earn and receive money.

Can I review my sales revenue?

Yes. Doesn’t matter if you sign up via Commission Junction, you will get a login to an affiliate portal where you can generate affiliate links for your website, download promotion materials or review all sales you generated. We also provide you with exclusive coupons within your affiliate account.

When and how do I get paid?

At CJ by Conversant: You will get paid on every 20th of a month for the previous month. You can choose between check and wire transfer. Minimum amount: 50 USD

How much money can I make as a Paragon affiliate partner?

Of course, there is no limit. As more sales you generate, as more commission you get paid. There are several commission stages from 8% – 50%. To see all products with their individual commission, which take part in our affiliate program, simply login to your affiliate account at CJ Affiliate by Conversant.

Choose level of commission as Paragon affiliate channel partner

Paragon Software Group has been providing cost effective solutions for hard drive management, storage management and data protection since its inception. Known internationally for its innovative NTFS for Mac and Partition Manager we provide proven, full featured solutions for storage lifecycle management. Paragon enables midrange enterprises to effectively and efficiently manage, deploy and protect server and desktop storage resources.

Paragon Software’s customers benefit from our experience and superior service. More than 200 IT professionals are employed by Paragon Software in the USA, Germany, Russia, Poland and Japan. We develop innovative products, technologies and services based on the needs of our customers.

10 reasons 加入典范通道程序:

  1. Exclusive packages and channel-only offers.
  2. Channel-oriented promotional materials.
  3. High margins and partner protection from the basic level.
  4. Lead distribution (depending on partner level).
  5. Exclusive discounts for your customers.
  6. Access to pre-sales assistance and technical consulting.
  7. Access to training and certification programs.
  8. Diversified technical support plans.
  9. Custom development for your customers.
  10. Special programs and bonuses.

How to become a Paragon Channel Partner:
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Already a Paragon Channel Partner?
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Want to learn more about our products?

Sign up for a training webinar ››

Paragon Software Group offers its Channel Partner Program to resellers who want to join forces with us and become a true extension of Paragon Software Group by proactively generating demand and delivering Paragon’s solutions to the market.

Our partners maximize their sales and margins with our proven solutions for backup, disaster recovery, virtualization, deployment and storage optimization. With over 18 years in the business, we remain committed to our resellers as our sole sales channel, while we focus on creating innovative, effective solutions, as well as generating demand for our products – and new business for our channel partners.

Our partners also leverage Paragon’s proven marketing, sales and training programs at various levels according to their needs, and take advantage of direct access to our top-notch local technical support teams, as well as a dedicated account manager.


Training webinars

Paragon Software provides free training via live webinar. We want our partners to have access to the latest information on our products, marketing and support programs and channel partnership opportunities. Each 30-minute webinar covers relevant information and includes a live Q&A session with the presenter(s).

Partner Training.Learn more about the benefits of becoming a Paragon Channel Partner and how to sell Paragon solutions.

Product Training (including Live Product Demo). Learn more about Paragon Software products like Paragon Protect & Restore and Paragon Hard Disk Manager and see them in live demonstration followed by a Q&A with one of our engineers.

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Questions about our webinars or our Channel Partner Program or individual training schedule, please email us at or give us a call:
United States: 1-888-347-5462 | Europe: +49 761 59018-202

Reasons to join our Paragon OEM Program:

  1. Access to Paragon’s comprehensive line of hard drive & network management applications
  2. Support and upgrade programs are provided as part of the partnership
  3. Adds key differentiating features to our partners’ products
  4. A preferred relationship with Paragon Software Group positions our OEM partners well ahead of the competition by offering totally integrated solutions

How to become a Paragon OEM Partner:

Maximize your profits with Paragon’s OEM Program

Paragon’s OEM Program is designed for partners interested in integrating or bundling Paragon hard drive & network management applications with their products as a value-added solution.

Listen to Paragon’s OEM Channel Interview
Ross Deaner, OEM Business Development, speaks about Paragon’s OEM Program and attendance at Computex, Taipei.

For further information regarding Paragon’s OEM Program, please contact us at

Value added resellers

Enrich your end product with Paragon Software technologies

Your becoming our Value added reseller starts a win-win relationship where you improve your product offering and we extend our customer portfolio. Offer smarter applications for your customers, optimize disaster recovery and data accessibility, comply with industry standards. We’re here to help.
Contact us

Our technology + your vertical expertise = new market opportunities

Technology portfolio
Interoperability Drivers
Smooth data exchange between Windows, Mac, Linux and Android.
Learn more ››
Backup Solutions
Smart backup algorithms for complete data safety and fast system recovery.
Learn more ››
System Utilities
Range of technologies for every aspect of hard disk management.
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Use cases
Smooth connectivity between various file systems and storages in the car infotainment system.
Safe storage, removal and recovery of student accounts. Compatibility of school computers and personal devices.
IT Administration
Time-efficient IT infrastructure management: system deployment, data migration and more.
Mounting and converting disk images to a readable format for use as evidence.
GDPR Compliance
Guarantee the customer’s the “right to be forgotten”. Remove or recover user data at any time.
Equipment Recycling
Secure disk wiping technology for irreversible destruction of sensitive data.
Boosting functionality of file manager and media player apps with cross-platform accessibility.
Your customer’s use case

Start doing business with us

As a starter pack, we’re offering Paragon IT Essentials Toolkit: a bevy of technologies to manage business IT assets. Embed to your product and offer your client the right software for:

  • IT administration from deployment to disposal.
  • Business continuity across systems in hybrid environments.

Get the first 10 licenses for free

Custom-made for customers

To fulfill your end customers’ needs, we can tailor our technology and custom-develop extra features to fit new scenarios. Just let us know what kind of solution you have in mind!
Contact us

What’s inside?


IT Essentials Toolkit

Backup & Recovery

Minimized downtime, automated backup operations to keep the business running.

Partition Manager

Automated partition alignment for optimized disk performance.

Drive copy and OS migration

P2V and V2V migration support.


Complete wiping of enterprise data before disk recycling.

VM Backup

Agentless backup and replication of virtual environments.


Easy storage space redistribution between Macintosh HD and Boot Camp partitions.

Cross-platform data access

Easy file exchange under any file systems and any OS:

  • Microsoft NTFS for Mac
  • HFS+ for Windows
  • APFS for Windows
  • extFS for Mac
  • Linux File Systems for Windows

We will be there for you

All the way through the partnership we provide you with the information,
technology and support needed for maximizing your profits.

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