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Contact sales: 1-888-DISK-IMAGE

1-888-DISK-IMAGE (1-888-347-5462)

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+7 (495) 789-6717

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Contact sales: 1-888-DISK-IMAGE

1-888-DISK-IMAGE (1-888-347-5462)

Sales North America


Sales Europe


Sales Japan

+7 (495) 789-6717

Sales Russia


VM Backup

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery for entry level VMware environments
  • Low upfront investments and reduced TCO
  • Managed backup and retention for business and user data
  • Continuous protection of business-critical applications and data
  • Enhanced availability of mission-critical resources
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IT budgets are one of the main challenges that many small organizations face when dealing with virtualization. High-end solutions generally take heavy upfront investments in both hardware and software licenses, as well as considerable operating costs.

Small organizations can make a good start with VMware vSphere® Essentials Kit.
With a license covering six CPUs, you get the industry-leading virtualization platform that will suit most of your IT needs at a very affordable price.

The basic license, however, doesn’t include vMotion®, High Availability, Data Protection™ and Replication and other VMware components. This stands in the way of ensuring business continuity, recoverability from errors, and resumption of operations in case of malfunctions or disaster. Note that, most third-party BC/DR software entirely relies on these components as well.

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Paragon VM Backup can make a good use of these components too, but it still does its job well while running on bare minimum VMware setups. You don’t need vSphere Essentials Plus Kit or Operations Management Acceleration Kit, let alone enterprise-class solutions.

“Paragon’s VM Backup is a perfect add-on for VMware’s Essentials kits. It’s designed to work with the VMware Essentials kits (either the standard one or the Plus Kit), even having the same three-server/six-CPU limit.”

PC Pro, UK,
August 2018

Fully functional evaluation copy

One-month evaluation period with unconditional technical support

Managed backup and retentionfor business and user data

with controlled integrity

  • RPO minutes to hours
  • RTO within a few hours
Continuous protectionof business-critical applications and data

with granular restore of files and objects

  • Near-zero RPO
  • RTO up to half an hour
Enhanced availabilityfor mission-critical resources

with v-Launch and replica failover

  • Near-zero RPO
  • RTO within a few minutes


Supported VMware platforms

  • VMware® vSphere® 6.0, 6.5, 6.7, 7.0, 8.0
  • VMware ESXi™ 6.x – 8.0

Note 1: VMware ESXi free versions are not supported.

VM backup

  • Batch processing, including cross-host
  • Backup scheduling and retention
  • Configurable job concurrency and VMware transport mode
  • Supported VM quiescing, VMware notes and attributes
  • Processing options: raw copy, pure CBT, intelligent CBT, Paragon ITE
  • Pre- and post snapshot scripting (cmd, bat, js, vbs)
  • Storage: local disk, network share, ESX datastore
  • Supported VMware storage policies
  • Integrity check

VM restore

  • Restore points according to RPO and retention policy
  • Batch processing, including cross-host
  • Overwrite original VM
  • Restore to new VM
  • VM UUID management


  • Run VM directly from a replica on local or shared storage
  • Configurable network support

Granular restore

  • Files and folders
  • Microsoft Active Directory objects
  • Microsoft Exchange objects
  • Built-in Object Explorer with search and filtering
  • Offline and online restore

Note: VM Backup Console should be installed on the machine to which the local storage is attached.

Replica failover

  • Virtualize and run a replica from the ESX datastore
  • Overwrite the original VM
  • Start a new VM
  • Configurable network support
  • Production and test modes

Monitoring and troubleshooting

  • Session notifications
  • Activities history with filters and search
  • Activities drill-down
  • Logging policies
  • Log collection and consolidation


Current Version

Download Paragon VM Backup

Product Documentation

Download VM Backup User Manual
Download Paragon VM Backup Quick Start Guide
Download Paragon VM Backup One Pager

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